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Strategy Development

You don’t plan innovation, you do it. Many companies get stuck in the 'stratecution' phase. The strategy has been planned, but no one is executing it properly. We’ll help you find out what your business strategy is and help you pivot to get there.

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We’re tired of hearing “innovate or die”, but it’s very true. Companies that are revolutionizing and disrupting industries are thinking (and doing) outside the box. That means leaner and meaner operations, agility in their processes, creative empowerement and a clear innovation intent throughout the organization.

Why we are different

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With our Axented Methodology, we’ll do a series of innovation sprints using design thinking and human centered methodologies to co-create your business strategy. The outcome of these workshops result is having a clear innovation intent to enhance your Minimum Viable Business (MVB) with your Most Valuable Product (MVP).

Ideation and learning tools for innovation

Prototype, validate and iterate a new or existing business

Define your innovation intent and align stakeholder’s visions


Our methodology is designed to build and scale products and businesses with a clear innovation intent, knowing when, what and how to launch.

We’ve facilitated hundreds of innovation sprints with clients, both physically and remotely. Our key takeaway is that once we align our stakeholders vision, we set up the groundwork so everyone in your company can execute your strategy. We’ve worked with companies all over the world in different industries, so you’re in good hands.

By combining design thinking practices and business development methodologies, we strike the right balance between scalability and viability

Remote strategy workshops

Just like our traditional hands-on innovation sprints, all of our collaboration happens remotely. We’ve facilitated many remote workshops and let’s just say that although the dynamic is different, the outcome is just as effective. This usually takes between 4 weeks of facilitated discovery, prototyping, and testing (2 meetings per week).

Coworking Design Sprint

Our teams work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing workflows. We’ll co-create the infrastructure to validate your business, idea and execute wireframes and key business objectives.

Journey mapping

One of the most important workflows is to create a journey map, which is a visual representation of every touch point your customers have with your business. It helps to tell the story of a customer’s experience with your product from original engagement and into hopefully a long-term relationship. We’ll identify important pain points and opportunities.

Testing with real users

We’ll test our prototype with real users to gain insights and pain points so we’re able to detect them early on and pivot if necessary. User testing is a great way to discover problems with a business model and a way to increase empathy with your users.

Some of our favorite tools for co-creation

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