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Monto offers your company’s workforce the flexibility to access their earned wage before the company's payday. This creates financial wellness and peace of mind to your organization, which has a positive impact on your workforce performance. Monto’s innovative service offers employees and companies the financial well-being they need all within their digital platform.


The goal

The challenge

The initial challenge focused on catering to Monto’s most important client, the business stakeholder that was going to use Monto in tandem with their wage administration system. Many businesses work with different ERP’s to manage their employee’s wages, so a big challenge was that our platform needed to create an easy on-boarding experience and be able to update the pay roll on a daily basis. Monto’s platform caters to a company’s administrative roles, but the end users would be the employees that would use the mobile apps access their earned wage.

How we help them

The solution

With Monto we made sure that while creating the platform for the MVP, the dashboard was easy to use so it wouldn’t be an additional burden to the administrative company’s team. This frictionless experience would result on a faster on-boarding process that would give employee’s quick access to all of Monto’s features. The solution also caters to different business types, so it wasn’t restrictive if you pay your wages on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. It works for all types and sizes of businesses..


Which insights could we gather?

Some key insights that we discovered during our UX research phase were:

  • This is what we found:
  • 1

    Employee’s said they would have better loyalty towards the company if they had earlier access to their earned wage, improving overall employee retention.

  • 2

    Administrators and business owners were open to the idea because employee peace of mind would translate into an increase in productivity.

  • 3

    The company could attract better talent with this new employee benefit.

  • 4

    This would also simplify the companies loan policy.



Our design is based on feedback we gathered from prototype and wireframe usability testing. Then with each test we performed, the wireframe was further refined and moved closer to what both the user and client envisioned.

Wireframe 01 Wireframe 02 Wireframe 03 Wireframe 04




UI Elements

Colors & Typography

The right colors and type creates perfect aesthetic balance.


The deep blue helps convey trust and proffesionalism to the user. While the colorful mint green help add a touch of fun and visual interestingness to the UI.






Using a display font makes the brand more memorable and in this case, adds some visual play to the name.

Harmonia sans pro cyr


Harmonia sans pro cyr

Semi bold

Work sans


Work sans


Product design

User interface

When we set out to design this platform, we had to make sure to use colors that would be subtle enough to coexist with any companies branding. The colors and user experience needed to reflect trustworthiness because it manages employees money, and also have an ease-of-use and transparency to handle monetary transactions.

Fast and reliable

Monto’s platform allows users to withdraw their money with confidence, knowing that it will arrive on time and without issue.

Monto store screen

Admin platform

Monto helps companies define different parameters and rules to help employees get the best out of the platform.

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