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UX/UI Process

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CLIFT reimagines your planning experience as a host or a guest for any event. With CLIFT, you gift with a click! This platform helps hosts prepare their event by sending out invitations, RSVP’s, choosing their gifts and receiving cash payments. Guests can gift products to any event where hosts decide if they want to receive the gift or receive it as cash. CLIFT makes registry and event planning easy.


The goal

The challenge

The main challenge when we set out to build this project was the extensive business logic that the platform required. We needed to integrate a dashboard to on-board businesses, products, as well as make sure the payment distribution was made between users and stores. A big obstacle was to make event hosts hold their in-store credit and gift payments for a period of time to allow them to choose their gifts and edit their registry. Not only was choosing the right payment processor a big issue, but also to be fiscally compliant with regional bank and government laws.

How we help them

The solution

We started out doing extensive research with possible users and other platforms to see what the process was while organizing an event and planning a registry. The first modules we decided to code was payments, registry, guest invitations, RSVP’s, event checklists and money cash cards. These modules were heavily integrated in the platforms back-end and had very specific behaviors that tied them all together in the business logic. The overall result of the platform created a seamless and frictionless experience for any user, whether it be a host or a guest for any event.


Which insights could we gather?

During our research process, we found out:

  • This is what we found:
  • 1

    Users preferred to do everything online (RSVP, purchasing a gift and sending invitations).

  • 2

    Hosts wanted to thank their guests in a timely manner and it was very important to keep an organized registry.

  • 3

    Hosts chose their registry provider depending if they could cash out their gifts or exchange them.

  • 4

    Guests prefer to make all payments for the event on a single platform.

  • 5

    Hosts preferred choosing gifts on their computer, while guests preferred to receive links to browse through the gifts and do a mobile check-out.

UI Elements

Colors & Typography

Refined colors and typographies establish a perfectly spotless aesthetic.


A selection of soothing tones creates an elegant, yet inviting sense of warmth and tranquility.






A mix of serif and sans-serif typography generates the perfect balance between classic and modern, creating a timeless brand.

SF Compact Display




Century Gothic




Product design

User interface

The UI design needed to be able to work for any event type, not just weddings. We chose very elegant typographies and colors that were soothing to the eye, while bringing gifts and products to the forefront. The design had to be pleasing to a wide range audience and had to be very mobile friendly so users could glance easily through each registry and do a quick check-out.

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